Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Machine

                Based our mineral wool sandwich panel production line manufacturing process to overcome the many shortcomings of traditional equipment, you can do

                The production line can produce a variety of plate, to meet diversified market demands

                intelligent control, just 4-5 people can operate a production line, more than 90% of the work can be done automatically.

                Each unit synchronization, high degree of automation, suitable for mass production.

                Durable, maintenance-free. Core components such as rollers, crawler board and the control unit are made of high-quality raw materials and parts, to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment;

                TECHNICAL DATA

                Items Type/Unit SP-PU-PIB
                Color steel sandwich panel Specifications mm Width: 700 ~ 1000
                Thickness: 30 to 150 custom length
                Production line speed m/min 3~8
                Double belt laminated conveyor length m 24m
                The maximum temperature of the hot air circulation 70
                Total power Kw 300
                Line dimensions (L × W × H) mm About 86000×7000×3800
                The total installed power capacity Kw About 207
                Stove power Kcal 200,000
                Double belt laminated conveyor length m 24